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Diagnosis and Pain Relief

Rejuvia Clinic Forehead Thermometer

A baby thermometer for the forehead is a lot less intrusive than other options. These are so easy to use. 10 thermometers come in the pack.

$17.99 on Amazon
White Coat Digital Thermometer

This is a quality digital thermometer with probe covers, and fever alerts.

$9.99 on Amazon
BeKoool Fever Gel Sheets Value Pack

These gel sheets help cool down kids with fevers, and will get a smile because of the Disney designs.

$13.99 on Amazon
AZMED LATEX Free Hot/Cold/Ice Bag

A cold compress on the forehead can work wonders for a headache and reduce a fever. This is a latex-free and allergen free bag.

$9.95 on Amazon
Ganghwa Spa Wormwood Tea

This is a soothing tea for upset stomachs and loss of appetite. It can be a part of the healing process after a stomach illness.

$10.50 on Amazon
Attmu Classic Rubber Hot Water Bottle with Knit Cover

Whether you need to bring down a fever, or warm up your blankets, this is a great water bottle. It has its own sweater, to prevent irritation. The neck of this bottle is very solid, which is useful to hold when you are pouring in hot liquids.

$9.99 on Amazon
Tylenol 500 mg 225 Gelcaps

This is a big bottle of heavy duty Tylenol for headaches, aches and pains.

$16.00 on Amazon
Advil Ibuprofen Home & Away Bundle

This is a nice bundle of bottles of Advil brand ibuprofen for pain relief and fever reduction.

$25.99 on Amazon
Bayer Back & Body Coated Aspirin with Caffeine

Coffee drinkers usually have extra trouble when they get colds, because they are not getting the caffeine they are used to. These tablets were designed by Bayer to help relieve pain in the back and body by coupling the aspirin with a mild stimulating amount of caffeine. Its not what you want to be taking before bedtime, but might help when you don’t have the stomach for a cappuccino.

$13.32 on Amazon

Hydration and Nutrition

Hydralyte – Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets & Clinical Hydration

What’s more hydrating than H20? These popular and easy to carry/store tablets can supercharge any glass of water.

$9.97 on Amazon
RecoverORS Adult Clinical Electrolytes

After vomiting or diarrhea, when you need serious hydration, your body needs electrolytes. Sports drinks are not always the best way to go. What is nice about these little packs is that they take up very little space in the cabinet, and you can easily tuck a few in the drawer at work.

$29.96 on Amazon
Gatorade Fierce Thirst Quencher 12 x 20 Oz.

This 12-pack of big bottles is nice to have on hand for re-hydration.

$12.00 on Amazon
Pedialyte AdvancedCare Electrolytes & Prebiotics

Think non-dairy sports-drink + kombucha for infants. A serving size is a half-cup. Drink has electrolytes and pre-biotics, all essential to recovery.

$23.92 on Amazon
Pedialyte Child Electrolytes

Sick kids are not going to re-hydrate the way you would or like your sports drink. It’s a problem. For healthcare workers in the field, the solution is to get good hydration with electrolytes in a pediatric formula down the hatch one powerful sip at a time.

$26.97 on Amazon
Enteral Tummydrops Ginger

PLENTY of people (and some doctors) swear by ginger gummies as a cure for nausea.

$10.99 on Amazon
Gerber Good Start Stage 1 Gentle Non-GMO Powder


$133.48 on Amazon
Gerber Good Start Stage 2 Gentle Non-GMO Powder

This Stage 2 powder includes pro-biotics, which may assist in a recovery after either the infant or mother has been sick.

$119.96 on Amazon
GoGo SqueeZ Organic Applesauce 48-Pack

Plain apple sauce with zero fat, Vitamin C, potassium, no high fructose corn sugar, no cinnamon. Storage friendly containers. Apple sauce is easy on the stomach and is generally one of the few foods recommended after a stomach virus. There are four 12-packs in this value pack.

$42.72 on Amazon
Gerber 2nd Foods Sweet Potatoes 8x 4 oz Servings

Don’t be fooled by the baby on the packaging! These sweet potatoes are great to eat for anyone recovering from a stomach illness. These non-GMO, cooked sweet potatoes have no added sugars and no fat to upset your stomach. They fit nicely in the food pantry, and you don’t have to peel and steam and mash them while you are ill.

$10.24 on Amazon
Health Valley Organic Chicken Rice Soup

A nice organic chicken and rice soup in a can. The key here is the low fat content, which is easier after illness.

$26.47 on Amazon
Gerber Organic Rice Cereal

Don’t see babies. See a non-GMO instant plain rice porridge that will be good to eat while recovering on a weak stomach. This is a product that keeps nicely in the pantry. When you are feeling at your absolute worst, this will be easier to keep down and better for you.

$19.08 on Amazon
Trader Joe’s Dried Apple Rings

Something sweet and easy on the stomach to chew on, slowly, while recovering from a stomach bug. Nice and natural. Easy to store until needed. You can always chop them up and use them in oatmeal or cereal after flu season is past.

$8.80 on Amazon
Annie’s Bunny Pasta & Chicken Soup

You don’t have to be a kid to love Annie’s soups. A reliable organic brand, these packs of soup have no MSG or yeast additives. And the chicken broth will help you feel better in no time.

$23.92 on Amazon
Ottogi Fresh Cooked White Rice 12 Count

White rice is nutritious and plain enough to handle after a bout of foodborne illness. For those who don’t have the energy to do more than press a button, or for whom making rice can be a bit of a mystery, this Korean microwavable rice is the perfect solution. It is easy to keep on hand and store for future emergencies.

$20.99 on Amazon

Probiotics and Supplements

Replenish The Good Dental Probiotics

This pro-biotic is focused on the oral microbiome. The product is marketed by the manufacturer to focus on addressing oral problems, including as a Strep preventive.

$25.99 on Amazon
EndoMune Adult Probiotic Capsules

This is a non-dairy, gluten free, Kosher, vegetarian, organic probiotic. Probiotics can be helpful after stomach illness and/or rounds of anti-biotics. They have also been claimed to help improve general gastro wellness. This product is well reviewed on Amazon.

$34.92 on Amazon
Avisae Pre+Probiotics Pixies

After getting knocked out with a foodborne illness, and whenever we’ve been put on anti-biotics, we’re super keen to rebuild our gut health. Pre+probiotics are critical. These handy pixies are easy to keep in the cupboard. No refrigeration is required.

$69.99 on Amazon
Avisae Repair Gut Support

This is a dietary supplement for those delicate days after a stomach bug. It is a fiber drink mix with all sorts of soothing herbs and goodies in it: licorice, peppermint leaf extract, fennel.

$60.99 on Amazon
BulkSupplements Grapefruit Seed Extract Powder

After having a stomach bug and diarrhea, grapefruit seed extract can be used as part of the recovery regimen. This supplement is highly rated on Amazon.

$38.96 on Amazon
Nature’s Way Goldenseal Herb 100 Caps

This is a dietary supplement used to help recover from a cold, sore throat, or digestive ailment.

$10.46 on Amazon