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Over the Counter Medicine for Head and Throat

Theraflu MultiSymptom Severe Cold Relief Medicine Powder

Our go-to daytime flu symptom relief in delicious drink powders.

$12.30 on Amazon
Vicks NyQuil and DayQuil Severe Pack

It seems like every time we walk into a convenience store when we are fogged in with a head cold, the price for 2 little gel pills costs as much as a gallon of gas. This set on Amazon costs roughly 39 cents per pill, which is cheap and great to have on hand.

$18.80 on Amazon
Bayer Back & Body Coated Aspirin with Caffeine

Coffee drinkers usually have extra trouble when they get colds, because they are not getting the caffeine they are used to. These tablets were designed by Bayer to help relieve pain in the back and body by coupling the aspirin with a mild stimulating amount of caffeine. Its not what you want to be taking before bedtime, but might help when you don’t have the stomach for a cappuccino.

$13.32 on Amazon
Afrin NoDrip 12-Hour Severe Congestion Nose Pump

These two 20ml bottles are always at hand for when we have a head cold. One in the bottom drawer at the office, one in the medicine cabinet at home.

$15.95 on Amazon
Little Remedies Saline Mist 3-Pack

Sick kiddos need gentle saline to clear their noses, and this is an option for adults who want to breathe easily too.

$13.48 on Amazon
Cepacol Extra Strength Throat & Cold Lozenges

This is a popular over the counter oral pain reliever that numbs the pain away.

$10.74 on Amazon
Chloraseptic Max Strength Lozenges

This is a value pack of four packs, each with 15 lozenges for sore throats.

$11.58 on Amazon
Halls Mentho Triple Soothers Big Bag

We divvy up these bags and put a few handfuls in drawers around the house and office.

$17.52 on Amazon
Cold-Eeze Oral Sore Throat Spray

This is a spray form of the zinc lozenge formula that helps shorten the duration of colds and severity of sore throats. It is nice to have on hand when you are really suffering and can not swallow.

$12.68 on Amazon
DAN Pharm Laringo Herbal Throat Spray

This is a 100% natural throat spray for coughs and sore throats with Bee Propolis.

$20.99 on Amazon
Zarbees Naturals Cold & Throat Nighttime Drink Mix

This is a natural nighttime cold and throat relief remedy. It includes Zinc and Elderberry, but no drugs or alcohol or artificial ingredients.

$5.59 on Amazon
Zarbees Natural Soothers with Zinc & Echinacea

These are natural cough drops, with citrus and zinc.

$5.98 on Amazon
Zarbees Natural Cough Syrup for Ages 2+ Years

This is a value pack of Day & Night Grape flavored natural cough syrups.

$12.98 on Amazon
Advil Ibuprofen Home & Away Bundle

This is a nice bundle of bottles of Advil brand ibuprofen for pain relief and fever reduction.

$25.99 on Amazon
Tylenol 500 mg 225 Gelcaps

This is a big bottle of heavy duty Tylenol for headaches, aches and pains.

$16.00 on Amazon

Kleenex and Other Useful Items

Kleenex Lotion Facial Tissue (10 Boxes of 170 Tissues)

Not every tissue is the same. And the damage and redness caused by using rough paper towels during cold dry winters, fuhgeddaboudit! These Kleenex are soothing, and make a difference for your skin over the week+ you may need to get over your cold. The bulk size is nice. A few here at home, leaving some in the car, taking some over to the office… they get used.

$49.99 on Amazon
AZMED LATEX Free Hot/Cold/Ice Bag

A cold compress on the forehead can work wonders for a headache and reduce a fever. This is a latex-free and allergen free bag.

$9.95 on Amazon
PerfeCore Eye Hot/Cold Compress

This little mask has a number of benefits: it can help relieve sinus pressure, and reduce face puffiness and headaches. Lots of rest and good facial care are incredibly important while battling a head cold.

$15.98 on Amazon
BeKoool Fever Gel Sheets Value Pack

These gel sheets help cool down kids with fevers, and will get a smile because of the Disney designs.

$13.99 on Amazon
Rejuvia Clinic Forehead Thermometer (10-Pack)

A baby thermometer for the forehead is a lot less intrusive than other options. These are so easy to use.

$17.99 on Amazon
White Coat Digital Thermometer

This is a quality digital thermometer with probe covers, and fever alerts.

$9.99 on Amazon
Attmu Classic Rubber Hot Water Bottle with Knit Cover

Whether you need to bring down a fever, or warm up your blankets, this is a great water bottle. It has its own sweater, to prevent irritation. The neck of this bottle is very solid, which is useful to hold when you are pouring in hot liquids.

$9.99 on Amazon
Innisfree Jeju Clay Mask

The first time we went to Seoul, we bought a small jar in the airport. Jeju is located in South Korea, with famous volcanic dirt. The mask is awesome for a deep clean-up and for restoring good skin. We were extremely glad to see it available on Amazon!

$13.84 on Amazon
TowelSelections Waffle Bathrobe

This is a well-reviewed 100% cotton bathrobe available on Amazon Prime. There are plenty of colors and sizes to choose from. For the times when you just want to wrap yourself in something natural and be comfortable.

$34.95 on Amazon
Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo

Sage has restorative properties, and when everything is dry and just aches it is really nice to have a special shampoo that makes you feel better.

$11.95 on Amazon
Clarins New Eye Contour Gel

Yes, when we get sick people say we look terrible. Part of the reason is the red nose, but part is the puffy eyes: from fever and calling God on the big white telephone. To look a little less like a train wreck when we get back on our feet, this eye gel works magic. This is a unisex product (everyone can look a bit better).

$23.75 on Amazon
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm Grapefruit & Ginger

Lips get cracked when we get sick. In addition to rejuvenating chapped lips, the ginger and grapefruit are good for sore and sensitive stomachs.

$7.50 on Amazon

Natural Remedies

Sicilia Lemon Juice 7 oz.

Lemon in tea, lemon in water, lemon in hot toddies: the key is that drinking lemon juice can help clear nasal passages naturally. This little bottle means you are never short of a lemon when you are down for the cold. It not only makes your refrigerator more Continental, but has fewer icky ingredients than the bottle that looks like a lemon.

$10.29 on Amazon
Savannah Bee Company Raw Acacia Honeycomb

This is the nicest honey we ever gave ourselves. Other than the taste, and its overall goodness for our sore throats, this is honey in a flat box. The box design means you can open the lid of the box and just scoop out the honey, without having to reach into the drawer again for some special smaller spoon and without any sticky mess around the lip of a jar.

$19.31 on Amazon
Alvita Goldenseal Herb Tea Bags

This goldenseal tea is caffeine free. The herb is used for respiratory infections and diarrhea.

$7.49 on Amazon
Handcraft Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus has always been our oil of choice when our sinuses are clogged and we are feeling beat up.

$14.95 on Amazon
Nature’s Way Goldenseal Herb 100 Caps

This is a dietary supplement used to help recover from a cold, sore throat, or digestive ailment.

$10.46 on Amazon

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