DiseaseCast is an online magazine for disease forecasts and other consumer friendly content for readers concerned about their health.

Ascel Bio Inc is the publisher of DiseaseCast.  All of the disease maps on this site (not limited to the flu map) have been generated by Ascel Bio’s disease forecasters using a blend of weather data and official public health data.  All editorial reports and outbreak analysis have been prepared by Ascel Bio’s team, which has been forecasting globally for defense, public health, hospital and other customers from its Infectious Disease Forecast StationsTM.

Ascel Bio is unique in its breadth and coverage capability, with dozens of disease maps available for professional users.  Ascel Bio forecasting models have been in operational use worldwide since 2010.  These models have been developed by bio-meteorologists with backgrounds in medicine, public health, food safety, meteorology and storm warning, amongst other fields. 

DiseaseCast was redesigned in 2018 through a commercial partnership with Big Data Media.  Many aspects of the DiseaseCast site have been simplified for non-technical users.  The new site incorporates exciting technical improvements.  DiseaseCast readers now have better access to information about upcoming outbreaks and a closer connection to products that may help readers prevent and recover from outbreaks. 

Ascel Bio is focused on what makes citizen science work: you.  In an age where government flu prevention and pandemic preparedness budgets are shrinking and despite the fact that outbreak risk remains severe, each citizen must have access to both the right information and the right products to protect themselves and their community.