How to Avoid Getting Food Poisoning in Your Own Home

Now What to Buy

By The Ascel Bio Editorial Staff

In late April each year, our editorial team starts preparing for the food poisoning season to come.  Our biggest concerns are not the foodborne illnesses themselves.  Rather, we fear drug resistant strains of Salmonella and E. Coli.

If you are like us and don’t run a self-sustainable farm or have the resources to be eating in space, then you might want to consider buying a few items for your kitchen that will at least reduce the risk that you will become deathly ill from something you cook at home.


Step 1: Keeping a Clean Fridge

Ugh, we know.  But, maybe try playing a little Aerosmith?

Keeping foods at a steady cold temperature prevents many bacteria that cause food poisoning from blossoming.  Keeping the fridge clean makes things even better.  If you have never cleaned your fridge before, it isn’t that bad: the CDC even has a how-to guide.

You’ll need a few things to clean your fridge help prevent food poisoning:

Arm & Hammer Classic Disposable Vinyl Gloves

$14.95 on Amazon


Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfecting Cleaner

$59.92 on Amazon


Bounty Paper Towels

$28.99 on Amazon


Step 2: Keeping Things Cool

We are normal everyday people who pack lunches for our kids and eat lunches at our desk.  The last thing we want is spoiled tuna salad and bad veggie slices, which are recipes for food poisoning.  So, we look for good lunch bags that will keep things fresh until we are ready to eat.

Amersun Lunch Bag with Firm Foil

This lunch bag is perfect for you at the office or for your kids at school because it has the right combination of materials and size.

$12.99 on Amazon


Chillax Premium Lunch Box Ice Packs

Getting the right-fitting ice pack is important.  If they are too clunky, they won’t get used because food won’t fit.

$10.84 on Amazon


Step 3: Buy Fun Gadgets!

VKVKI Digital Meat Thermometer

A good meat thermometer isn’t a nice to have, it’s a need to have!  You really need to cook things to the right temperature if you want to kill the dangerous bacteria that causes food poisoning.  We like this well reviewed and inexpensive thermometer available on Prime.

$19.99 on Amazon


Neoflam BPA Free Antimicrobial Cutting Board

We get freaked out when we see pictures of raw meat on a wooden cutting board because the bacteria that causes food poisoning can soak into the wood. We prefer anti-microbial cutting boards for our meats.  We like this cute purple board from Neoflam.

$12.00 on Amazon


XK-Life Kitchen Sponge Set

The FDA has helpful tips for cleaning veggies and fruits.  The FDA’s advice doesn’t suggest using weird soaps on your greens: just good old fashioned water. We like these anti-microbial sponges to do it with.

$10.99 on Amazon


Step 4: More Cleaning

We played in the dirt when we were kids, were inspired by Erin Brockovich, and really don’t like chemicals.   But, we also know chemicals can kill some deadly diseases!  Here is one detergent that kills both bacteria that causes food poisoning and mosquito borne diseases.                             


$49.95 on Amazon


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