Zika Spreading in Florida, Gulf Coast Risk High

Local Zika transmission has expanded further in Miami-Dade County to an area of 4.5 square miles. The number of reported cases transmitted locally has reached 35, and may be under-reported.

Ascel Bio’s Zika Risk NowCast shows significantly increased risk of mosquito growth along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas since the early summer (image below).

With Zika funding running out and Congress stalled on a new funding bill, local health departments are struggling to pay for much needed services. In the Zika hotspot of Miami, the Florida Department of Health has had to rely on private companies and the CDC to help process backlogged laboratory tests.

0918 Zika

Florida and the Gulf Coast states remain in peak weather conditions for the transmission of Zika. Cities in these states should be prepared to conduct spraying operations and handle increased hospital and laboratory visits should new pockets of local Zika cases erupt.

As the cooler months approach in Central America, Zika transmission will decrease in the region, but signs are worrying for Southeast Asia where countries with historically high dengue burdens are seeing an increase in Zika cases. Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia have all reported new locally transmitted cases within the past few weeks, and Ascel Bio forecasts an increase in cases through October and November.


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