How to Avoid Water Borne Diseases this Summer

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By The Ascel Bio Editorial Staff

July will be the start of peak Giardia season, which is a nasty infection you can get from drinking contaminated water.  This means millions of Americans are at risk for water borne diseases as they drink water from country streams or head out to our glorious beaches, pools, and ponds.  Now is also a good time to be checking home water sources for contaminants.  If there is water pollution, adding filters becomes a high-priority summer project.

Already, Giardiasis cases are above forecasted normal in several states.

Here are a few products we’ve selected to reduce the risks of water borne diseases.

Test Assured Water Quality Test

This is a SINGLE POINT test kit that tests for 10 different possible contaminants in your drinking water, including diseases and lead.  Instead of fearing the tap, why not test it on a regular basis and drink worry-free?  This might be a good idea once per year for your kid’s school, and might not be a bad thing to do at home in the spring after heavy rains might push contaminants into the water supply.  If you are near a farm and are worried about pesticides and diseases, it may be useful to also test in the summers.

 $34.96 on Amazon


AquaVial Pool & Spa Bacteria Test

This is a water quality test kit that tests for E.Coli and other bacteria that cause water poisoning, specifically in your pool or spa. Use it to test your water supply to prevent these water borne diseases at home.

$23.20 on Amazon


Grayl Water Filter Bottle

This is a self-contained filtration system in a water bottle.  Just fill it with any water and the filter inside does the rest to protect you from water pollution that can cause awful illnesses.  If you are concerned about city water from the tap or country water from the stream, if you worry about water quality in old pipes at school or the office, this is a good solution.  It filters out lead and other heavy metals as well as diseases.

$59.95 on Amazon


Aquacera Twin Countertop Water Filter

This unit removes pathogenic bacteria that causes water poisoning, such as Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, E.coli, and Giardia from your water supply. 

$199 on Amazon


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