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Risk Update

By The Ascel Bio Editorial Staff

Wet weather in many parts of the country has created ideal conditions for mosquitos.  After a dry 2017, this year may bring fresh outbreaks of concern.

Ascel Bio’s zika virus map, which was the first live map for the USA ever, continues to show risks of zika virus transmission across the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Coast. 

Reports are emerging of West Nile Virus across the United States too, and Dengue continues to be a risk in some southern states.  Ascel Bio’s combined mosquito diseases map forecasts risks to continue into October.

Mosquito repellants remain an extremely important disease prevention tool.

Repel100 Insect Repellant 4oz Spray

This DEET spray is an effective mosquito repellent and tick repellent.  DEET is a serious chemical, and needs to be handled with care and kept out of the hands of children.

$7.47 on Amazon


Ifunda Plug-in Mosquito & Pest Repeller

This device uses sound to repel pests to prevent mosquito borne diseases and tick-borne diseases.  It covers about 2,500 feet of space.  It is pet friendly for dogs and cats.

$32.99 on Amazon


After Bite Advanced Itch Relief Roller

We love after-bite when we get bitten by mosquitos.  We buy a few sticks and put them into the camp bags for the kids, just in case.

$11.49 on Amazon


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