Warm Weather Favors Mosquito Growth in US

Disease forecaster Ascel Bio is tracking daily weather patterns in the US, providing updates on locations where Aedes aegypti mosquito growth is likely. Today’s NowCast shows favorable conditions in Key West, Southeastern Louisiana, Atlantic City, Hawaii, and Brookhaven, Mississippi.

The Zika NowCast does not take into consideration potential mosquito reduction efforts, as is being done in New Orleans, with their Comprehensive Zika Virus Plan, nor does it consider whether or not Zika has been reported previously in the area.


While there is currently no ongoing transmission of Zika in the continental United States, and infections to date have been imported from Brazil and other countries, mosquitos that carry the disease (including those known as the Aedes aegypti mosquito) spread when weather conditions are right. Concerted efforts to reduce the risks from the Aedes aegypti mosquito are recommended for residents and health officials in these areas.

About Ascel Bio

There are hundreds of health conditions with well-established links to the environment.  Ascel Bio provides disease forecasts, outbreak alerts and other insights to users concerned with these conditions, bridging gaps between climate knowledge and healthcare.  We’re bio-meteorologists.  A lack of good data causes strategic blind spots, operational inefficiencies, and missed opportunities. Ascel Bio’s primary focus is delivering reliable information that directly fixes this problem, inspiring action and improving global health.  Ascel Bio weathers seasonal outbreaks together with our user community.  Our business creates opportunities for customers to benefit from superior awareness about disease seasonality and environmental conditions.


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