Syphilis Alert in Virginia

by Dan Nguyen

Disease forecaster Ascel Bio today is issuing an alert for Syphilis in the state of Virginia.

According to the most recent data available for early June 2016, Virginia has exhibited a higher case count of syphilitic infections compared to our forecasts. The incidence rate had lowered during late May, but has now considerably increased, close to double compared to our data. Currently, our Virginia forecast indicates a slow increase in syphilitic cases as we approach July. The forecast also shows a small depression in late summer before surging once again in the fall.

Nationally, Ascel Bio is projecting a steady increase in syphilis cases and an increase in demand for care through the summer months. Syphilis is caused by bacteria that is primarily spread through sexual contact and produces sores at the infected area. There are several stages of the disease as it progresses untreated. Syphilis has the potential, if left untreated, to cause severe neurological damage, affecting the brain, nerves, as well as other organs such as the eyes, liver and heart. Practicing safe sex and maintaining a long term sex partner is advised.

Dan Nguyen joined Ascel Bio as a DiseaseCast contributor in January 2016. He holds a B.S. in Health Sciences and is currently a Medical Assistant working in New York State. Dan brings a passionate interest in clinical best practices and global health care issues to his reportage on disease outbreaks.

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