Rodent & Bird-Proof Your House to Prevent Tick-Borne Diseases

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By The Ascel Bio Editorial Staff

Ascel Bio’s tick diseases map shows continued risk to the spread of Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and other tick diseases. 

Tick larva emerge in the summer to have contact down the food chain: with rodents and birds.  In this context, Ascel Bio editors recommend considering rodent and bird proofing your home as a key component of any holistic approach to reducing the risks of tick-borne diseases.

Before you head to the hardware store this year, consider shopping for these tools that will help fight tick-borne diseases.


MoonSpect Copper Mesh

Copper mesh can get pushed into gaps under the sink, under counters, and in the foundation where the nasty little critters are creeping them in.  The roll has 100 feet of copper mesh, enough for most household projects. 

$45.99 on Amazon


Gilbert & Bennett Mesh Hardware Cloth

This roll of galvanize mesh is  50 feet long and is perfect for covering large household gaps and holes (such as crawlspace opening in the basement) where rodents can get into the house. This mesh is perfect for projects that are too big for copper mesh.

$35.17 on Amazon


Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent

These Fresh Cab sacks repels rodents, which can carry diseases such as Typhoid into the home.  These sacks may be placed around the openings near our foundations and in the garage. 

$14.95 on Amazon


CaptSure Humane Smart Rodent Trap

These are a humane mouse trap that can help.  In our experience, transferring a mouse on a glue trap is 10x more disgusting and 100x more heartbreaking than simply having a catch and release program. 

$14.99 on Amazon


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