Preventing Summer Flu Outbreaks

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By Dan Nguyen

Summer flu is a real thing. People usually associate flu to the fall and winter months but the reality is that influenza is actually a year-round disease. Certain conditions during the colder months do allow influenza to thrive but flu outbreaks can still present themselves during the summer months as well.

As per the CDC, influenza is caused by flu viruses. Flu symptoms include: fever, chills, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, body aches, headaches and tiredness. Symptom onset is usually rapid with the fever lasting 3-4 days. Feeling chills is fairly common accompanied with body aches that tend to be severe.

The World Health Organization has recently issued a report of influenza cases on the rise especially in particular South American countries.

Ascel Bio is forecasting an increase in summer flu cases in the U.S. This is potentially associated with Americans traveling to their favorite vacation spots in Latin America. Current projections show high risk areas located in the Western and Southern part of the US.

The key preventative method remains the flu vaccine. However, there are also some other preventative strategies you could implement to avoid the flu whether you travel abroad or not. Disinfection is a significant aspect to avoiding catching the summer flu virus! See our list of top products below:

Clorox Bleach Germicidal Wipes

These wipes have wide applicability across a variety of surfaces. They are EPA registered and designed to kill up to 58 microorganisms including the Influenza A and B viruses.

$30.64 on Amazon


SONO Disinfecting Wipes

These medical grade disinfecting wipes are perfect for on the go use! Just stick these in everyone’s gym bags, book bags, and carry-on luggage.  Leave some at the office too!  Sono claims that their wipes can kill 47 viruses and bacteria, including the flu virus.

$12.99 on Amazon


Purell Naturals Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Purell is well known to kill germs.  This particular brand is USDA certified bio-based. It is a plant-based alcohol and contains 93% naturally-derived ingredients. If you are in the pro-Purell camp, this pack includes two 12 oz bottles and nice oils for skin conditioning. 

$9.07 on Amazon


Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide

A great alternative to bleach, hydrogen peroxide kills not only the flu virus but also Norovirus, Rotavirus and Rhinovirus. This formula can be used on hard and soft surfaces and is contains surfactants derived from plants. We like to buy in bulk and this is a good-sized jug, that with a good pair of gloves and a nice spray bottle, works very well.  The peroxide content is 1.4%, still very effective and well within safe thresholds set by the CDC for safe use.

$59.92 on Amazon


Benefect Botanical Decon 30

Benefect 30 is a natural alternative to bleach or hydrogen peroxide.  It is EPA registered and can kill common germs and viruses like Salmonella, E-coli, Rhinovirus, MRSA, Enterobacter and Influenza. The disinfecting component, Thymol, is derived from Thyme Oil.

$47.99 on Amazon


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