Your Guide to Summer Flu Prevention

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By The Ascel Bio Editorial Staff

Just because flu outbreaks are out of the headlines, doesn’t mean that there is no more flu virus.  As our bodies adjust the shock of going from the hot outdoors to cold air conditioned spaces, we are still vulnerable to it.  Kids running around in summer programs socializing… ballgames… there are plenty of places to get sick. 

It has been a cold start to the summer for much of the country. One simple way to reduce the risk of a flu outbreak is to clean your house.

Here are a few products we’ve selected that help with flu prevention:

AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

This is a pack of 24 re-usable cloths, which can be used in cleaning.  The EPA recommends using microfiber cloths for flu prevention, disinfection and decontamination projects.

$11.99 on Amazon


Clorox Bleach Germicidal Wipes

Disinfection and flu prevention is a process, involving the right products used in the right way.  These wipes have wide applicability across a variety of surfaces.

$35.34 on Amazon


Lysol Bathroom Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide

Flu prevention has never been so easy! This spray kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria without bleach.  Package includes two 32 oz. bottles.

$12.99 on Amazon


Benefect Botanical Decon 30

Benefect 30 is a natural flu prevention alternative to bleach or hydrogen peroxide.  It is EPA registered, with the disinfection agent derived from Thyme Oil. 

$46.84 on Amazon


ACS Anti-Microbial Sponges 20 Count

Once we were told a memorable story about an architect who walked through a pristine new hospital he had just designed.  On the tour, the cleaning staff was washing the floors.  They were using old mops and dirty water.  The point of the story: don’t short change yourself.  These are ant-microbial treated sponges that have been UL validated and come in a pack of 20. 

$23.52 on Amazon


Dyson HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

We love our Dyson vacuum.  We were told to think of it as an investment years ago, and it has been. HEPA stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air”, which means a different type of filter that sucks up more things and cleans deeper.  A HEPA cleaner is an important part of any process you use, whether you are fighting diseases or other allergens.   If you need a vacuum that really is about getting clean, go HEPA. 

$449.95 on Amazon


Pyrus Steam Cleaner

A handy and portable steam cleaner.  Steam is a powerful disinfectant, killing both diseases and odors.  Great flu prevention tool for furniture and smaller projects.

$29.99 on Amazon


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