Weather conditions increasing risk of Zika

Live forecasts issued today by Ascel Bio show dramatic increases over the weekend in the climate conditions favoring Aedes aegypti mosquito growth.  Risk of the Zika vector’s growth is now high on both the east and west coasts of south Florida, and parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, southeastern Texas, as well as Hawaii and Atlantic City New Jersey.  Risks are shown to have risen noticeably in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.

Increased risk of Aedes mosquito growth means increased risk of Zika transmission. Ascel Bio captures this risk by producing the only Zika Risk NowCast for the entire USA. Ascel Bio’s IOS ZikaRisk app is now available on iTunes.

Ascel’s bio-meteorologists say mosquitos that carry Zika (including the Aedes aegypti mosquito) breed when weather conditions are right.  Climate conditions in a greater number of American cities now promote the breeding of Aedes aegypti, the most important vector for Zika virus.

Patrick Wedlock, Ascel Bio’s senior forecasting officer states:

Ascel Bio’s Zika NowCasts are unique: giving live updates in real-time on the locations where risk is increasing.

Each day we update our forecasts to show where the risks of Aedes aegypti mosquito growth are in the United States. Today we saw risks along the southeastern coast of Texas elevate to our highest measured level.  Earlier this year NCAR and the CDC made general warnings that many of these areas were at high risk.  Today’s Zika NowCast from Ascel Bio should ring alarm bells there about the need for action.

In order for Aedes aegypti mosquitos to actually transmit the disease, they must bite someone who has the disease, and as such, a person harboring the Zika virus must be present and bitten in one of these locations in order for local, mosquito-borne transmission to occur. To date, there have been no such locally transmitted cases of Zika virus in the mainland United States.

There is currently no ongoing transmission of Zika in the continental United States.  So far, Americans have been infected by traveling outside of the US to Brazil and other countries.

Hundreds of health conditions have well-established links to the environment.  Ascel Bio provides disease forecasts, outbreak alerts and other insights to users concerned with these conditions, bridging gaps between climate knowledge and healthcare.  Ascel Bio’s Zika NowCasts present opportunities for action and improved global health.

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