RSV Outbreak in Oncology Ward Kills

RSV is a Class 2 disruptor for the pediatric side of First World medical infrastructures.  It is often considered by healthcare providers to be a pediatric disease, however it is important to note it can also be a killer of the elderly and immunocompromised.

Glasgow, Scotland has recently reported a small outbreak of RSV in an oncology ward associated with significant mortality and morbidity.  The forecast for RSV in the UK is shown above, where activity is expected to peak in the second week of December.  Note the UK is seeing unusually high activity currently.

There is no vaccine for RSV, and it is typically transmitted through contact.  It is not an aerosol-transmitted disease.  Patients with significant medical conditions or are immune-compromised should exercise caution coming into contact with the public (and especially young children) during peak season of RSV.


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