Lyme Warning in Delaware

by Dan Nguyen

Disease forecaster Ascel Bio today is issuing an alert for Lyme disease across the United States.

A warning for Delaware is being issued as the state is seeing incidence above forecast, according to the most recent data from late June 2016.

Delaware projection shows the state already in a peak forecast. It should be noted that last reported case count has exceeded this peak and that cases have dramatically increased since early June. Ascel Bio’s Delaware forecast displays a subsequent decrease until winter season.

Nationally, Ascel Bio is projecting a significant increase in Lyme cases and demand for care during the summer months. As people venture outdoors, they will increase their exposure to ticks. Ticks carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. They must be attached to the individual for at least 36 hours for transmission of Lyme disease. Most cases are caused by tick nymphs due to their small size, leaving them unnoticed. Common symptoms include, fever, joint pains, and a “bull’s eye” rash. Current prevention methods include wearing long sleeve shirts or long pants, wearing chemical repellent such as DEET and even cleaning yard debris.

Dan Nguyen joined Ascel Bio as a DiseaseCast contributor in January 2016. He holds a B.S. in Health Sciences and is currently a Medical Assistant working in New York State. Dan brings a passionate interest in clinical best practices and global health care issues to his reportage on disease outbreaks.

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