Hong Kong Summer Flu Forecast

As forecast, influenza type A and B cases peaked in Hong Kong in the early winter months of 2016 and are decreasing in late May 2016.

  • Influenza A: confirmed cases of influenza-like illness show similar patterns to Ascel Bio forecasts and showed peak transmission in late January and February of 2016. Ascel Bio projects a second smaller peak in influenza A transmission in early to mid-June 2016.
  • Influenza B: confirmed cases of influenza-like illness in 2016 have been higher than Ascel Bio projections this year in March, April, and May. Though cases are decreasing in the first week of June, an advisory for this outbreak is being issued.

flu hkg

The influenza virus can be spread from person to person contact and mainly travels through respiratory droplets produced when infected persons cough, drip, sneeze, or talk. The yearly influenza vaccine is recommended for populations 6 months and older, as the influenza vaccine can reduce flu-like illnesses, prevent doctor visits and hospitalization, and minimize loss of productive school and work days due to illness. Preventative methods such as thorough and consistent hand washing are also advised to decrease the risk of illness. If experiencing flu-like symptoms, please consult your doctor right away to treat and prevent further disease and transmission.


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