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Water Contamination

By The Ascel Bio Editorial Staff

Water is central to a healthy diet, and there are so many great options for preventing water diseases that can ruin your day.  Paying attention to detail is critical.  It is tremendously satisfying to drink clear water.

Ascel Bio’s almanac for 2018 shows peak season for water diseases won’t end in the United States until November. 

Home owners should be doing more to protect themselves.  Even the best communities can see their water system become overwhelmed, from excess runoff as the snow melting in spring to overwhelmed sewer systems during extreme weather events to polluted water systems as the fields are turned over in autumn.  There is great value to upgrades around the house that don’t destroy the planet.

Aquacera Twin Countertop Water Filter

This unit removes pathogenic bacteria, such as Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, E.coli, and Giardia from your water supply to reduce the risk of contracting water borne diseases.

$199.00 on Amazon


Grayl Water Filter Bottle

This is a good idea for the kids.  No matter whether they go to public school or private, water supply is a shared responsibility.  This is a self-contained filtration system in a water bottle.  Fill it with any water and the filter inside does the rest to protect you from water borne diseases that can cause awful illnesses.  If you are concerned about city water from the tap or country water from the stream, if you worry about water quality in old pipes at school or the office, this is a good solution.  What is nice is that it filters out lead and other heavy metals as well as diseases.

$59.95 on Amazon


And..  if you are having a plumber over to the house, consider adding an ozone washing system too.

03 Pure Pro Ozone Washer

Ozone washing is the method used to get hospital garments and other laundry truly clean and disinfected, pushing ozone into the water instead of using soap. While few houses have the space or capacity to install professional ozone washing systems, consumer systems are available.  These consumer systems are not yet to the point where everyone is throwing their normal suds away, but the Pure Ozone Washer is an extremely useful “Phase 2” wash.  After someone has been ill in the house, the clothes first get washed in the machine in the normal way, with soap and water.  That’s “Phase 1”.  Then the clothes are run again through a quick Ozone rinse cycle for better disinfection to prevent other household members from getting sick.

$297.00 on Amazon


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