Avoid Food Poisoning and Water Borne Diseases When Traveling

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By The Ascel Bio Editorial Staff

As the Flint water crisis made abundantly clear, water contamination in many parts of the country is presenting fresh public health risks.  While the instinct may be to simply drink bottled water or other libations while traveling, there are other approaches.

One way to take advantage of free water from the tap anywhere you travel, is to shift to using a filtered water bottle.  Water bottles now exist to filter out water borne diseases and water pollution.  Many water diseases are forecast on the Ascel Bio disease map to peak this summer, including Giardia and Cryptosporidiosis.

Now is also a good time to test for water contamination, and to practice good hygiene to prevent the inadvertent spread of water diseases.

Grayl Water Filter Bottle

This is a self-contained filtration system in a water bottle.  Just carry it and the filter inside does the rest to protect you from waterborne diseases that can cause awful illnesses.  If you are concerned about city water from the tap or country water from the stream, if you worry about water quality in old pipes at school or the office, this is a good solution.  What is nice is that it filters out lead and other heavy metals as well as diseases.

$59.95 on Amazon


Test Assured Water Quality Test

This is a SINGLE POINT test kit, testing for 10 different possible contaminants to your drinking water, including diseases and lead.  Instead of fearing the tap, why not test it on a regular basis and if AOK just drink it worry free?  This might be a good idea once per year for your kid’s school, and might not be a bad thing to do at home in the spring after heavy rains might push contaminants into the water supply.  If you are near a farm and are worried about pesticides and diseases, it may be useful to also test in the summers.

$34.96 on Amazon


Purell Naturals Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

Purell is well known to kill germs.  If you are in the pro-Purell camp, this pack includes two 12 oz bottles and nice oils for skin conditioning. 

$9.07 on Amazon


RevcoverORS Adult Clinical Electrolytes

After vomiting or diarrhea, when you need serious hydration, your body needs electrolytes.  Sports drinks are not always the best way to go.  What is nice about these little packs is that they take up very little space in the cabinet, and you can easily tuck a few in the drawer at work.

$29.96 on Amazon


Avisae Pre+Probiotics Pixies

After getting knocked out with a foodborne illness, and whenever we’ve been put on anti-biotics, we’re super keen to rebuild our gut health.  Pre+probiotics are critical.  These handy pixies are easy to keep in the cupboard.  No refrigeration is required.

$69.99 on Amazon


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