Preventing Lyme: Must Haves for your Dresser

Gearing Up

By Dan Nguyen, Contributor

When Lyme disease reaches the headlines we are actually deep into peak season.  It can take weeks and sometimes months after a tick bite for Lyme symptoms become diagnosed, data to be collected and analyzed by health officials, and then for case counts to reach the headlines. 

A good rule of thumb: if the snow has melted, the ticks are spreading. 

I love outdoor activities, particularly hiking and camping.  From the time the snow starts to melt until the late fall, I reach into my drawers for a special pair of pants and socks. 

The best way to minimize contact with ticks and other nasty biters is to wear the right clothing, and wear this clothing the right way.


2 Pairs People Socks Merino Wool Hiking Crews


Merino wool is naturally antibacterial and breathes.  These mid-calf merino wool socks cover the ankles. 

To prevent ticks, your pants need to be tucked into your socks consistently.  ANY socks treated like this are going to give.  Fortunately these well-reviewed socks are sold at a good price and can be replaced easily with the click of a button.

$29.90 on Amazon


Fjallraven Men’s Vidda Pro Trousers Regular


You don’t need to carry a guinea fowl to keep ticks off of you, you need practical gear.  Long pants will always do the trick.  Studies have suggested that light clothing attracts ticks, so I’ve chosen black and recommend choosing from the darker colors.

These are awesome pants that are much cheaper on Amazon, if a little effort difficult because you have to order in EU sizes. 

Here are the size conversions from the reviews:

USA30 waist = Size 46

USA32 waist = Size 48

USA34 waist = Size 50

USA36 waist = Size 52

USA38 waist = Size 56

USA42 waist = Size 60

There is also a women’s version available.

$180.00 on Amazon


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