How to Remove Ticks and Treat Tick Bites

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By The Ascel Bio Editorial Staff

The stories from this summer of tick bites are adding up.  Lyme disease season is in full bloom.  What can you do if you find a tick or tick bite on yourself to prevent tick-borne diseases? 

Tick Key Removal Tool

Use this Tick Key for safe tick removal from both animals and people. It removes the whole tick so you can be free from worry. Perfect for anyone who loves to hike or for anyone who spends time outdoors to help prevent tick diseases.

$17.99 on Amazon


Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test

This tick test is focused on the tick, and so is useful for testing ticks found on people or animals for diseases.  Cutter is a well-known outdoor bug spray brand and the test is well priced for a diagnostic kit. It even includes an easy-to-use tick removal tool.  

$27.99 on Amazon


Curad Latex Exam Gloves

This pack of 100 one size fits all Latex gloves is handy for worry-free tick removal.

$19.95 on Amazon


After Bite Advanced Itch Relief Roller

We love After-Bite as a tick bite treatment to sooth the sting.  We buy a few sticks and put them into the camp bags for the kids, just in case.

$11.49 on Amazon


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