Asia Travel Alert: Unseen Risks of Melioidosis

By Patrick Wedlock

Ascel Bio disease forecasts for Singapore (right) show that melioidosis risk is continuing to decline there, but that there continue to be reasons for caution and good prevention.   Unfortunately disease forecasts for the disease are not available in other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and China.

A new study suggests the risks are higher than are being reported.   In Indonesia alone, a country with inadequate infectious disease surveillance and reporting infrastructure, over 20,000 cases and 10,000 deaths are estimated to occur from melioidosis infection per year. This is on par with the total number of fatalities from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa since March 2014.  Anyone expecting to be in contact with soil, which is one way that Melioidosis is spread, should wear proper protective clothing.

Reference: Limmathurotsakul, Direk, et al. “Predicted Global Distribution of Burkholderia Pseudomallei and Burden of Melioidosis.” Nature Microbiology 1 (2016): 15008.


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